The first relaxing 2-hours Thai massage (Really!?)

It’s a very informal blog. Since I have had the opportunity to massage 3-4 times. Recently, I was massaged until I was bruised (massage, right?), So I was inspired to share that memory. My photos are probably less than other blogs because I suddenly wanted to write my blog without planning before. Let’s go see if it will be either awesome or bad.

1. Let’s Relax

The first official place is this shop where it has many branches. you can visit any branch that closes to you anytime. But a branch with an Onsen is at Thonglor. I use the “official” word because I have previously been to massage elsewhere but I don’t count it. Of course, the Let’s Relax shop is very extraordinary and unique. Since I entered the shop, I can feel the comfort of music, soft lighting, and staff who are trained to be friendly and gentle with customers. As the first massage shop, I didn’t know what kind of massage that I should select. So, I asked the staff for advice and decided to choose a 90-minute Dream package for 850 baht. The price is reasonable and suitable for beginners who just want to try a massage. For those who want to try other types such as Thai massage, oil massage, and others, you can check the prices on the website

When I paid for the service fee already, the staff will ask me to wear a pair of wooden shoes and follow the staff into the room to wash my feet with warm water and scrub my feet with Himalayan salt which is very comfortable and relaxed.

When I was finished washing my feet, I came to another room that was a massage room. This room has a soft massage bed and a massage chair.

It was 90 minutes that I felt like I was in another world, forgot the hustle and bustle of the real world, enchanted by the soothing atmosphere. It was 90 minutes that passed so quickly. I don’t want to leave the massage room at all (can I have a long massage?) When I finished the massage, I walked out to the reception area to have mango sticky rice and warm tea before returning home happily.

2. Panpuri(ปัญปุริ)

The truth is, there are not many premium massage parlors in Bangkok. After I tried the first shop, I wanted to try another one in the old office building that I walked past every day, but I never used the service. Even though I’m not working here, I want to try a massage here. I got 50% promotion for De-stress Deep Tissue Massage 60 min from 2,600 baht to only 1,300 baht (although the price is discounted, it is still quite expensive), but I arrived and I wanted to try a relaxing massage to see if it would be different.

In general, the staff here took good care of me as the first shop. It was very nice and gentle, the staff here took care of me like I was their son. First of all, the staff told me to change clothes and take a shower because this package was an oil massage. You can choose from 4 types of oil scents. Each scent has different features such as a fresh scent or jasmine scent which relaxes the body and is gentle on the skin (I can only remember this one because I chose this one). I chose a scent that was suitable for me at the time because I couldn’t sleep well. (Now I sleep very easily, but I have nightmares every night.)

When I finished changing my clothes and taking a shower, I called the staff into the room. The staff then started washing my feet with warm water and told me to lie on the massage bed. I felt as comfortable as the first shop, but it is an oil massage, so I might feel a little more relaxed. When I finished the massage, I came out to have snacks and drinks similar to the first shop (I didn’t take a photo just once).

3.  Thanawadee

So, I introduced some accessible general massage shops at affordable prices. I realized to do a hard massage because I have been working on the computer, it might make me be office syndrome symptoms. At this time, I chose a Thai massage for 60 minutes. As a result, I felt nothing, it was not too painful like I heard.  I’m not sure if it was late at night, the masseur would be exhausted. But it’s fine though.  The service here is friendly but there may be more staff crowding than the first two restaurants but it depends on personal preference. If you don’t overthink, this shop isn’t bad. But if someone wants to relax and find a quiet place to relax, this shop may not be for you. Anyway, the price is 250 / hour.

4. Bua Sabai Massage

I have to say that on that day, I would like to buy a tent for my Chiang Mai trip in June at Saphan Kwai. After I finished buying my tent, I looked for massaging around there and I found 3-4 shops. So, I decided to choose the nearest one to me. In front of the shop had 2 men that I didn’t realized either customer or staff. I came inside the shop and it turned out, this is a gay shop (so polite). I was shocked and said thank you to him and stepped back gently (That’s was close!) In the end, I came to a shop near Soi Rang Nam, near my condo which is a shop on this topic.

Let’s cut my crap and get into the story! First of all, the shop staff explained the various massages very well. So, I chose a Thai massage again. But this time I chose 2 hours for 480 baht because I was not satisfied yet, this time I wanted a long and hard massage.

When I finished paying for the massage, I changed my clothes. And here we go, I got hardly massaging and I was screaming but satisfied along the massage time. The staff here said almost people would have slept while massaging. No way! I cannot sleep for sure.   But I admit that this shop can give you the unique experience with hard massage. They are friendly and this shop is quiet. So, I bruised and barely to walk. I don’t know why I torture myself like this? I felt like I hiked in the mountain. I recommend you to massage between Saturday – Sunday. So, you will have enough time to rest. Anyway, I thought it was so good. I would be there again soon but I would choose another package. I would do a Thai massage twice a year only.

In conclusion

All of these are the experiences I have been massaging for lately. I hope it will be helpful for people who are interested in massage. If I had to choose where I like it, I would have chosen Let’s Relax because the price is affordable and another shop is Bua Sabai because it is affordable price and friendly staff.  You should give it a try for either premium or general massage. There are different. However, it depends on your budget and preference. If you like this article, please Like/Follow Page Oatrice Story. Thank you to all my readers. Goodbye for now!

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